Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Lakey Peak Local Grommets Rule

As the surf population grew at lakey and the local kids started getting hold of good surf equipment. It wasn't long before they really started to surf well and the natural ability of the local kids began to shine. Much to the amazement and disbelief of their ocean fearing parents these kids spent every moment they could in the water learning the craft and ripping the absolute crap out of every wave in the bay. Kids like Sammy Samsudin, Tony Hubediah, Rudy Boy, Grommet Chainsaw, Sadam Husain, Onky and a few others are now all grown up and most hardly surf these days due to crowds and family responsibilty but during the last 20 years some of these guys were the absolute cream of indonesias surfing talent and really set the standard for all the rippers that have come out of lakey these days. Oney Anwar and Gazili, Bomar and Andre and a whole team of groms are the sons and younger bros of the original kids. Lakey locals rule the waves now..as it should be and surfing continues to grow and shine at lakey peak.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Lakey Peak "Surf History" The 80's and 90's

As we mentioned in the last chapter the early to mid 1980's was the golden period for Lakey surfing. Uncrowded perfect surf and a soul surfing brotherhood . We knew it was only a matter of time before things changed , a matter of time before some surfers just had to tell the world , heck we told the world a few years before but no one had listened and so we just continued to score unbelievable surf year in and out.

The bay at lakey was now changed forever, surfing had made a home at lakey, as it does where ever great surf spots are. Surfers had changed everything. They came and stayed longer now and there was more every year. Some had set up with local families and other locals had also realised that there was an income to be made catering to the needs of the surfers and they too started to frequent the bay to befriend the surfers and see just what these strange tourists were on about? Things cruised along for a few more years and wave after uncrowded wave was ridden in this little corner of surfing paradise.

Then it happened !, just as we knew it would one day....an article appeared in a major new surfing magazine about a "New Discovery" the greatest cache of surfspots outside of Bali they called it ? And we all thought it was gonna get crazy ... Surf Camps were the new thing in Surfing now and they were popping up all over the surfing world so news that a Surf Camp was being built and that people would pay a $200 per night to stay there wasn't the best news for the guys that had been enjoying Lakey without crowds.
And soon Lakey was a busy little spot. The Surf Camp had been built at the wave we know as Periscopes and that had 12 regular guests staying from March until September. Local business people had also jumped on the Surf Camp train and put up some simple accomodation to cater for the tourists that were sure to come. And come they did . Before too long and by 1990 there were 3 surf camps operating there. 1 at Periscopes and 2 in the bay at Lakey. By May 1994 there was 5 Small Hotels and some warungs and Restaurants on the Beach. And in may there was 100 people /surfers at lakeys.

From about this time around 1990 there started to appear quite a few very young local kids who were just mad on surfing. They lived at the beach and would ride anything that floated in an attempt to mimic the older surfers. Honestly a floating log was a real surfboard to these kids or a piece of wood from an old section of wall or just about anything that floated would be ridden and they would spend hours just following the surfers around and watching their every move in the hope that they could just have one ride on a real surfboard.

Saturday, June 4, 2011


" The start of the overland trail."
As i spoke of in the last entry , The early overland exploration of indo surf spots outside of Bali began way back in the 1970's with small groups of guys making missions into various locations but only staying for a short period of time "usually as long as a swell lasted" but in the days of no internet to help predict swells , limited knowledge of the required conditions and zero facilities available it was fairly hard going and a real hit and miss afair.
Eventually a few of the guys hooked up local families so they could stay in relative comfort and sit it out to wait for swells. Naturally they wanted to score the waves as good as it gets; as is the goal of any travelling surfer.
At lakey that meant staying in the village , which was 7 klm away along a bad road/Buffalo track or, staying at the Beach with one of the 2 families that lived and farmed the area directly in front of the lakey Beach . Some guys elected to bring tents and camp out on the beach.
One of the original guys to frequent lakey peak area in the early 1980's " Dave Wiley" actually leased some land from the locals in front of the right hander now known as "Periscopes" and set up a simple "A frame house" there. The guys would fly Bali to Bima on a swell and surf for a few days and then go back to Bali vowing to keep it quiet.
And so the waves at Lakey Peak remained a true surfing secret throughout the early 1980's ; easy to access ; and only a short flight from Bali ......Life was very good for underground surfing in Indo in the 1980's.
Who can say the actual "First" surfer to surf at lakey? But for sure Dick Lewis & Tim Watts & friends who regularly sailed these waters on their yachts certainly frequented the breaks there during the early 80's and where probably the guys that surfed the place the most during that period.
The mid to late 80's saw the first overland guys coming in small groups , these surfers had a different attitude and style to the surf travellers of today..no internet or forecasting of any kind was available bar maybe a scratchy wireless Radio Australia weather report.
Surfing was a sit and wait game if you wanted to get the best conditions...Alot of surfers just couldn't handle hanging out in the Kampung waiting for surf to get good...and so without any type of packaged tour available most just stayed away..This was Great for the surfers who could make the most of the sometimes primitive conditions and wait it out.
Strong bonds of friendship where formed and still are present between those surfers that regularly travelled outside of Bali's comfort zone during this period..It was respect and the surfer brotherhood at it highest expression.
During this time at lakey a group of surfers were pushing the limits of surfable Lakey Peak and getting to know the numerous spots in the area.
Under the radar of the surf media and almost everyone surfers like Paul Macklin , Phil Overend , Mark Clift , Brad Matthews , Brook Palmateer and friends were waiting for those days when Lakeys is handling at 8 to 10 ft + and charging it. Most soon learned that lakey peak is a formidable wave at that size , expensive on boards and bodies.
These guys and the other surf travellers that visited Lakey during this early to mid 80's arguably had the place at its best. Reasonable village accommodation on the beach, they had tuned the food into being quite good and some had even bought generators for the Indo family they stayed with so keeping food and having a cold beer became a possibility...and most importantly the surf was still uncrowded and just enough people to share it with, 3 or 4 in the line up is a perfect number ....

Friday, September 18, 2009



As i talked about in the last chapter..During the 1980's early 90's Most surfspots in Indonesia where very low key with little or no Surfside development and infrequentley visited..Even isolated spots in bali itself were not frequented as Crowds were low most months and there was enough surf for everyone. So alot of Fantastic Surf in the rest of Indo just went unridden ! For example Desert Point in Lombok had only camping accomodation" cook your own rice style" until the late 90's even though the waves can be the Best on the planet and you can see the lights of Bali across the channel.

Likewise West Sumbawa & around Lakey Peak had very sparse living conditions and so few surfers visited these spots. So of course we perpetuated the Myth that Indo Surf Travel was difficult and Feral even though we lived pretty well always knowing where to get the Coldest Beers and best/tastiest Food in any village situation..Some of the guys staying for months to years at a time and surfed their uncrowded brains out.

I recall several trips during this period when we spent 6 mths in Nusa Tengarra and never crossed the straight to bali having arrived from Darwin via the Timor / Kupang route, It just wasn't necessary to go there. So we didn't.! I mean we had way more of what we needed . Uncrowded Surf & what seemed like never ending new Surf breaks to ride, Great Food , More Adventure than most young men see in a lifetime..waves ; women and party....Life Was Good !
At the same time other groups of surfers were exploring for spots along the coats of Java and Sumatera and the offshore Islands. Occassionally we would meet in Bali or on the road and swap surf stories and locations and thus the overland surf route through indo was born .

It actually all began 10 or so years earlier with the very first group of Indonesian Surf Explorers, Guys like Richard Lewis "Born In Bali 1956" , Roger Kincaid , Peter Reeves, Dave Michell , Dugga Warren , Tim Watts , Mick Owen , David Wiley, Doris Eltherington , Kim Bradley, Tony Starke , Paul Macklin , Glen V, and many others who paved the way with True Hardcore Travelling by local fishing boat and riding motorbikes and hiking/ camping along coastal tracks to discover many spots that had never even been seen by a surfer before....Most of these guys still surf well and are still out there searching to this day. Just as surf stoked and committed to the lifestyle as ever.

As the word spread of fantastic and mind altering barrels all along the Indonesian Archipelago it was only natural that surfers started to want to spend more serious amounts of time at these spots and surf them at there best. So many guys stayed with locals and then started to think about setting up more permanent livestyles at the spots.
The first wave of The surfing entrepenuer had begun.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


'LAKEY PEAK" Sumbawa is well known to surfers around the globe.
Its Awesome Surf and Kite-boarding potential coupled with Beautiful Scenery and Friendly local People make it a must visit location for every surf traveller seeking pure ocean indulgence and tropical living.
The first surfers arrived at Lakey were Yachtsman around the mid to late 1970's. Who when travelling through to Bali and beyond stayed offshore on their boats surfed the waves and only ever interacted with the locals when coming ashore in HUU village to buy supplies and water. These periodic visits where rarely documented apart from in private yacht log books or by stories handed down amongst the villagers about the strange "Orang Putih" "White People" who played in the sea.
Around this same period True Surf Exploration in Indonesia was beginning by overland and boat exploration. Bali had long been popular as a surf destination and also places like Nias and Grajagan on Java started to attract alot of attention from the new surf media and there was a wonderlust for finding new surf spots amongst the surf culture and a new breed of surf explorers.
The reality however was that not many surfers really wanted to explore further than was comfortable for western travel. Also during this period surfing culture had maintained a code of secrecy about new breaks.
Most of the known areas outside of Bali, Nias and Grajagan were kept on the quiet and thus due to travel constraints were rarely surfed locations. LAKEY PEAK was one of these spots with a small group of surf crazies regularly visiting each year!!!!. more about these crazies next letter. Thanks Amangati Hotel & Lakey Surf Houses.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Lakey Peak "Amangati Hotel"

AmangatiHotel.com is the New Online Website Direct from the owners of Amangati Hotel at Lakey Peak Sumbawa. One of the Worlds Premier Surf and kite Surfing Locations.!
The Hotel Consists of 56 Air Conditioned and 3 Surf Houses.! Restaurant /Bar and Pool etc.!
Originally started from just 4 Rooms way back in 1994 by Australian Surfers Brad Matthews and Mark Clift and Brett Cook and a few mates and run for a couple of years as lakeypeak surf camp. The Amangati Hotel was opened in 1996 by Balinese Legend Gede Sudantha. He also opened with just 4 rooms and arnd the late 1990's a partnership was formed between the 2 small hotels.
Amangati Hotel is simply the Best Hotel at Lakey Peak and now one of the Top Surf Resorts in the World. Come and check out our website at http://www.amangatihotel.com/ and book and pay online. I started this Blog with intention to supply a monthly Lakey Peak Newsletter and let people know that Lakey is Great Surf and Kite-Surfing all year around. I'll be back with the First edition of Lakey Peak News Soon!